The safety and health of our dancers and staff is top priority at DCS. To keep our dancers and staff safe, the following measures are in place to attend class in person. These measures are subject to change at any time based on current guidelines and recommendations.

  • Vaccinated:  masks not required.

  • Unvaccinated:  masks highly encouraged.

  • Drop Off: dancers ages 3-5 may come in with 1 parent for drop off for the first 2 weeks of class. All other dancers may be dropped off carpool style. 

  • Pick Up:  dancers will meet parents at a designated area for pickup.

  • Lobby: The lobby will remain closed for visitors. The front desk is open for business and restrooms ar open. When possible, please email or call the studio with questions: or 770-516-7229.

  • Zoom Classes: are no longer available.


Pre-Ballet allows 3 year olds to explore the magical world of dance through the use of songs, games, fairy tales and their favorite props while learning the fundamentals of ballet with lots of time for pantomime, pretend and self-expression.

Boys dance classes in all styles at Dancentre South Woodstock, Canton, Hickory Flat

Tap/Ballet Combo is 30 minutes each of tap and ballet. Proper terminology, technique and body placement are taught in an encouraging but fun way. Combo 2 participates in Nutcracker!

Combo 1 - 4-5 year olds - beginner

Combo 2 - 5-7 year olds - 1 year of tap and ballet  

Jazz Combo classes include 45 minutes of ballet, and 30 minutes each of tap and jazz. All Jazz Combo classes participate in Nutcracker!

Jazz Combo 1 - 6-9 year olds - beginner
Jazz Combo 2 - 7-9 year olds - 2 years of tap/ballet, beginning jazz
Jazz Combo 3 - 7-9 year olds - 3 years of tap/ballet, 1 year of jazz
Jazz Combo 4 - 7-9 year olds - 4 years of tap/ballet, 2 years of jazz
Teen Combo - 10-14 year olds - beginning level for older dancers


Dancers of all ages and skill levels may take hip hop and acrobatics as an
additional class or as a single class! Learn the latest moves in hip hop and increase strength, flexibility and learn a few tricks in acrobatics! Both classes participate in the spring recital.


Dancentre South is excited to partner with Sing First, offering movement and music classes for young ages. Visit their website for additional information and to register.


We offer multiple levels of Company classes beginning at age
9 for dancers with experience. DCS Company dancers have class requirements and have multiple performance and travel opportunities. Visit our DCS Company page for additional information.


Adult & Teen dance lessons are a great opportunity for the experienced adult dancer to return to class or for the beginner to fulfill that lifelong dream to "be a dancer!"  Socialize, stay in shape and enjoy the expression of dance! Try our adult tap, jazz or ballet classes!

jazz classes at Dancentre South
Adult Tap classes at Dancentre South
adult jazz class, adult hip hop classes, adult ballet classes
dance classes for all ages